Winter-Spring transition outfit

Woo! Spring is coming! But…it’s still a bit (by a bit, I mean very) chilly. What to do? I’m here to the rescue! (Ooh look, I rhymed)

Fall- spring transition outfit

Anywho, I started this outfit because I wanted to wear this shirt. I hadn’t worn it because it’s thin and rather transparent, and was a bit too chilly for winter. But it gave off such a cute and cozy (if I do say so myself) vibe when I paired it with this skirt, I had to be a bit creative with my layering. So I put wooly knee socks over warm tights with a super soft cardigan. Talk about a win-win!




I think this would be really easy to recreate- just pick a palette for the season. I chose whites, grays, and browns because it’s a little winter-y, but I could totally see myself wearing the same shirt and sweater with a light blue skirt, or denim shorts. It really works year-round. Happy spring guys!


{Skirt- Brandy Melville. Socks- Topshop. Shirt- 2 hip. Cardigan- Esprit. Shoes- Target. }


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