Some Warm Weather Antics

For spring break I traveled to Miami, FL. It was my first time being back in the States since I moved, and let me tell you- I have never been more excited to see a Walgreens. Also- 80 (27-ish Celsius) degree weather!!! Woooo!!!! Also, sun! Honestly, the sun rarely visits the Czech winter. Definitely worth my sunburnt nose.

I ordered this shirt online from Brandy Melville, which is a rarity for me. I mean, ordering online is scary! What if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s itchy or the wrong shade of blue? Anyway, this was one of my first ever online shopping successes. I feel like a retro 60’s girl in it, in a sort of Tracy-from-hairspray way. It’s the perfect mix of sporty and chic.

When I was packing for this trip, I realized in a frenzy that I had very few shorts that fit me. I’m a growing girl! So I zipped over to Zara and picked these up- in the kids section! This was very exciting, because GUESS WHAT?? Zara kids totally fits teens. Or me + other people who strangers assume are 9 years old. Anywho, I thought these were pretty cute to be intended for 8 year olds. DSCN0606

And yes, I am goofing off with an American Apparel bag on my head. I got a little overly excited about a few pairs of funky high-waisted shorts; I’ll probably show them off to you guys soon!

I’d love to hear about what ya’ll did on spring break- feel free to comment 🙂

{Top- Brandy Melville. Shorts- Zara kids. Sunglasses- C&A. Boots- Dr. Martins. }


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