Don’t be sad, be plaid

Bonjour, mademoiselles! A post or two ago I promised to show you guys some of my Miami purchases. A few days ago it finally warmed up, and I took this as the perfect opportunity to show off these shorts. It’s a rather freeing feeling, I think, to be able to walk around free from the constricting bounds of skinny jeans (although I will credit Boyfriend Jeans for partially solving this pressing issue) and throw on that pair of shorts that has been eyeing you during the 60-degree-weather-streak.


I love preppy clothes. I just do. But I also have a fear of certain preppy clothes in the realm of white jean capris and pastel colored polo shirts. So in order to comfort myself, I decided to go the edgy-prep route. Whatever that is. So on came the black crop-top and platform shoes! I think it’s actually a cool take on math-tutor-goes-rocker-chick.
DSC00465 DSC00468
Of course, this being spring, it still got a bit chilly in the evenings. So I added this trench coat for a bit of warmth. But I think it adds a bit of stylish flare- I always appreciate cool street style, but when the outerwear is just as cool as the outfit itself, I think it’s a total win. But this coat in particular won my heart because it isn’t heavy. Many trench coats can weigh down an outfit with all the buttons and buckles. Mine does have both buttons and buckles, but it also has lot’s of little pleats in the back for added movement and fun.
These shorts! They are made of a soft cotton-y material that feels oh-so-soft. Being a small person (not gonna lie- notice the platform shoes coming to my rescue) finding high-waisted shorts that don’t go up to my ribcage is a bit of a challenge. But American Apparel has lot’s of clothes in tiny sizes, so these guys fit great. I think the plaid pattern is really fun and unique- these shorts have become fast favorites of mine.


{Top- Topshop. Shorts- American Apparel. Trench- Ralph Lauren.  Shoes- CoolWay}


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