some favorite eateries

La Finestra

La Finestra has a cozy vibe, and really delicious fish. It’s a bit of a nicer restaurant, though, not exactly for a casual night out with friends- but if your parents are taking you out to dinner in the lovely city of Prague, this is where to go.

Pasta Fresca

This may be my favorite, and my little brother’s,too. Pasta Fresca has done it- a sophisticated, clean, bright atmosphere paired with down to earth food. This is a great family restaurant- but it also has delicious fish, salad, and other entrees that are not pasta based. But the pasta is all homemade and super yummy- I definitely recommend it. But make sure to make a reservation, they are on high demand!


Argument is a favorite of my family-think fresh salads and fancy drinks in pretty cups. Sounds fun, right? Add lots of other delicious food for a no-fail meal.

Cafes and Snacks….Coffee at the Anonymous Cafe


Bakeshop is exactly what it sounds like, a bakeshop. But it’s. so. good. Rows of huge merengues and cupcakes and AMAZING quiches (personal fave of mine), plus salads and sandwiches and coffee and coco. Its pretty great, and a great stop with friends to grab a bite.

Choco Cafe

Yes, it’s real- the chocolate cafe. It’s basically a dessert restaurant, but it has cafe in the name so it doesn’t count…right? Splendid macarons and rich hot chocolate, wrapped up in a small, delicious smelling cafe. Hello, lovely afternoon.

AnonymouS Coffee

So the website is a little creepy, I promise the cafe is anything but. They even have a swing bench with comfy pillows tied by ropes to the ceiling. Oh, and they also have the best chi-latte. Ever. And their coffee is super instagram-able, with fancy swirls and artsy trays.

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