The National Gallery Prague’s 220th Anniversary Celebration

Earlier this month, Prague’s National Gallery celebrated it’s 220th Anniversary. I know. That’s almost as old as the USA! So this was a big deal. The Gallery celebrated with free admission for a few days, drawing upwards of 30,000 visitors.

What I wore: OOTD

Practicality was key in this outfit. I knew I was going to be walking around all evening, so platform booties were a must. Also, it being February in Central Europe, the subzero temperatures were also in mind. So, on came the layers! I’ve been a huge fan of layering under mini dresses lately. It adds sophistication, not to mention warmth! And to keep my legs toasty, I threw on some cozy, wool over-the-knee socks over my standard tights.

{Dress: Forever 21. Socks: Topshop. Button Down: Esprit. Bag: BKK Thailand}

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