Hey there, it’s G.


I am the 15-year-old fashion and travel enthusiast behind this blog. I love adorable socks, delicious-smelling bath things, beanies, and iced coffee. I believe that everyone should be confident in what they wear and where they wear it. My goal is to put my style out there and to encourage (and inspire!)  you to do the same.

 About G

I was born in NYC. I lived there until we moved to Chicago in 2006. I grew up in downtown Chicago in a small, light soaked apartment surrounded by shopping and pop culture. I spent most of my summers in New York, eating frozen yogurt and hiking around Manhattan from Greenwich Village to the Meatpacking District. This past year, I have been completely uprooted from my life and shipped across the ocean to Prague, Czech Republic. Hence, The Prague Blog was born.


I have been told that I started dressing myself from a very young age. Lacking any fashion sense, (obviously- I was two!) I put on whatever was the brightest/sparkliest/pinkest thing in my closet and put in on, wearing it proudly. Although maybe my current style is nothing close to that of my two-year-old self, I think we can all take some advice from baby G- dress in what makes you happy. And if wearing a tie-dye shirt and sparkly pink bell bottoms makes you happy, so be it.

I love to romp around and explore Prague, and put my findings here. Enjoy!


  1. What a pleasure to read your blog! I love the title of it and especially love your fearless fascinating style of fashion which is desirable and very much needed in Prague! Looking forward to spotting you on golden streets.


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