Author: Galia Newberger

16 year old student, reader, and activist.

Brunching: Café Savoy

Spring is upon us! You know what that means…floral dresses, allergy medicine, and the willingness to get out of bed on the weekends because it’s sunny and warm-ish! And with that early bird attitude comes my favorite meal of all time- brunch.

Don't miss the French Toast!

If you do happen to be a fan of the ingenious breakast-lunch hybrid, or just love delicious french toast, make sure to stop by Café Savoy. The classic restaurant has beautiful high ceilings, lots of light, and (of course) delicious food.

I love the strawberry milkshakes, delicious homemade jams, and fresh coffee. See the full menu here. Just make sure to reserve in advance- it gets busy!

yes, I am having a milkshake before noon. Let's call it a smoothie?


BTS: Marie Claire Photoshoot

My lovely friend at Marie Claire here in Prague invited me to visit a photoshoot recently. It was an incredibly informative experience, and also so fun! It was fascinating to check out how editorials go from clothing on a rack to a polished spread. the rack

the rack

We were on set with the top Czech model Karo Mrozkova , along with a whole team of hair, makeup, and clothing stylists to make the shoot a success.  The efficiency, teamwork, and just generally great vibes from everyone in the lineup  came together to make an article worthy of such a prestigious magazine.unnamed-4



To be honest, while flipping through the seemingly endless stack of fashion magazines on my nightstand, my mind always drifts towards what the model is wearing rather than what went into the presentation of the work; text, styling, and more. But seeing everyone’s hard work to turn, say, a fantastic Louis Vuitton jacket into an outfit and then into an article makes me appreciate each glossy page far more. Lot’s of thanks to the lovely staff at Marie Claire CZ for making my experience memorable.


The National Gallery Prague’s 220th Anniversary Celebration

Earlier this month, Prague’s National Gallery celebrated it’s 220th Anniversary. I know. That’s almost as old as the USA! So this was a big deal. The Gallery celebrated with free admission for a few days, drawing upwards of 30,000 visitors.

What I wore: OOTD

Practicality was key in this outfit. I knew I was going to be walking around all evening, so platform booties were a must. Also, it being February in Central Europe, the subzero temperatures were also in mind. So, on came the layers! I’ve been a huge fan of layering under mini dresses lately. It adds sophistication, not to mention warmth! And to keep my legs toasty, I threw on some cozy, wool over-the-knee socks over my standard tights.

{Dress: Forever 21. Socks: Topshop. Button Down: Esprit. Bag: BKK Thailand}

Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder

It has arrived. Today marks the first day of winter and I am in full denial-hence the super-fall-ish outfit. But there were leaves on the ground…so it counts, right? Either way, I wanted to use this post as a PSA- peasant tops aren’t just for summer! When peeking around online, I could only find white, flowing peasant tops paired with tiny shorts for festival season. However, I totally think this green peasant top works well year round.


Adding jeans and some weather-appropriate docs made this outfit more cold-oriented.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.53.34 AMScreen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.54.43 AM

I’m not saying these clothes are totally practical for subzero temperatures. But if you feel like braving the cold for a bit or just want to get some more use out of your peasant top, you have my permission to go for it!

{Top: Brandy Melville. Jeans: Brandy Melville. Shoes: Doc Martins}

Jet Set

We made it!! Hello, vacation 🙂 Ok. So winter break is 99.9% wonderful, but along with dry skin and hat head, looking gross after a long plane ride is a harsh reality. If you are a frequent flyer like myself, you know the kinda-icky-but-comfy outfit vs. gonna-look-cute-but-ugh struggle. No more! Palazzo Pants are to the rescue. DSCN0623DSCN0624

You can buy them in infinite patterns and fits, whatever fits your fancy (or destination!) They allow you to get the perfect “I didn’t try too hard but I look intentionally cool” sort of look- catch my drift? Mine are from Target, but I also have a pair that I love from The Elephant Pants, they’re super cute and for a good cause!

Extra Bonus: These pants not only work for long plane rides/road trips, but they’re ideal for throwing over a bathing suit as a cover up.

Happy Holidays!

Mariánské Lázně


Look at the pastel houses! Adorable, or adorable?


Also some gorgeous glass archways lined the square

Prague is super different from Chicago. Theres no avoiding that. In a totally charming, unique way of course, with many surprising things just around every cobble-stoned corner. But once I got passed those corners- I realized that Prague is tiny, and the Czech Republic is tiny, and I could drive to Berlin in 3 hours. 3 hours!!! (That’s a different story) But what I realized is that there are may hidden gems within Czech borders as well. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Mariánské Lázně. It was beautiful! Very victorian-era-meets-mideval-castle if you catch my drift. IMG_4280 IMG_4286
If you are planning a trip, exploring outside Prague to some nearby towns is always a good idea; and Mariánské Lázně was definitely a favorite of mine.

This weekend: Dyzajn Market

Today it was beautiful outside, so I spent most of the day roaming around Prague. When I was informed that there was a super cool street fair/festival/outdoor shopping extravaganza happening near Národní divadlo, I couldn’t wait. The Dyzajn Market did not disappoint.


The market was full of cute trinkets, beautiful bags, unique jewelry, and even a vegan food stand! (Along with plenty of non-vegan food stands. And a gelato stand. Yum!)

You still have time to head over there tomorrow! I would totally recommend it.