The National Gallery Prague’s 220th Anniversary Celebration

Earlier this month, Prague’s National Gallery celebrated it’s 220th Anniversary. I know. That’s almost as old as the USA! So this was a big deal. The Gallery celebrated with free admission for a few days, drawing upwards of 30,000 visitors.

What I wore: OOTD

Practicality was key in this outfit. I knew I was going to be walking around all evening, so platform booties were a must. Also, it being February in Central Europe, the subzero temperatures were also in mind. So, on came the layers! I’ve been a huge fan of layering under mini dresses lately. It adds sophistication, not to mention warmth! And to keep my legs toasty, I threw on some cozy, wool over-the-knee socks over my standard tights.

{Dress: Forever 21. Socks: Topshop. Button Down: Esprit. Bag: BKK Thailand}

Mariánské Lázně


Look at the pastel houses! Adorable, or adorable?


Also some gorgeous glass archways lined the square

Prague is super different from Chicago. Theres no avoiding that. In a totally charming, unique way of course, with many surprising things just around every cobble-stoned corner. But once I got passed those corners- I realized that Prague is tiny, and the Czech Republic is tiny, and I could drive to Berlin in 3 hours. 3 hours!!! (That’s a different story) But what I realized is that there are may hidden gems within Czech borders as well. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Mariánské Lázně. It was beautiful! Very victorian-era-meets-mideval-castle if you catch my drift. IMG_4280 IMG_4286
If you are planning a trip, exploring outside Prague to some nearby towns is always a good idea; and Mariánské Lázně was definitely a favorite of mine.

This weekend: Dyzajn Market

Today it was beautiful outside, so I spent most of the day roaming around Prague. When I was informed that there was a super cool street fair/festival/outdoor shopping extravaganza happening near Národní divadlo, I couldn’t wait. The Dyzajn Market did not disappoint.


The market was full of cute trinkets, beautiful bags, unique jewelry, and even a vegan food stand! (Along with plenty of non-vegan food stands. And a gelato stand. Yum!)

You still have time to head over there tomorrow! I would totally recommend it. 

Visiting Barrandov Movie Studios

I recently got a really cool chance to tour Barrandov Studios, and even watch a film that was being made and a television show being shot. It was such a cool experience to step behind the scenes, and it made me appreciate truly how much work goes into a production. But my personal favorite part of the trip was a special tour of the costume building. And when I say building, I mean building. It’s huge! There were walls and walls of beautiful hats, and racks of gorgeous gowns, shelves full of tiaras and tons, and I mean tons, of shoes. Talk about a fashionista’s dress up dream!

Hats, hats, and some more hats.

Hats, hats, and some more hats.

Did people really wear these things way back when?

Did people really wear these things way back when?