some favorite eateries

La Finestra

La Finestra has a cozy vibe, and really delicious fish. It’s a bit of a nicer restaurant, though, not exactly for a casual night out with friends- but if your parents are taking you out to dinner in the lovely city of Prague, this is where to go.

Pasta Fresca

This may be my favorite, and my little brother’s,too. Pasta Fresca has done it- a sophisticated, clean, bright atmosphere paired with down to earth food. This is a great family restaurant- but it also has delicious fish, salad, and other entrees that are not pasta based. But the pasta is all homemade and super yummy- I definitely recommend it. But make sure to make a reservation, they are on high demand!


Argument is a favorite of my family-think fresh salads and fancy drinks in pretty cups. Sounds fun, right? Add lots of other delicious food for a no-fail meal.

Cafes and Snacks….Coffee at the Anonymous Cafe


Bakeshop is exactly what it sounds like, a bakeshop. But it’s. so. good. Rows of huge merengues and cupcakes and AMAZING quiches (personal fave of mine), plus salads and sandwiches and coffee and coco. Its pretty great, and a great stop with friends to grab a bite.

Choco Cafe

Yes, it’s real- the chocolate cafe. It’s basically a dessert restaurant, but it has cafe in the name so it doesn’t count…right? Splendid macarons and rich hot chocolate, wrapped up in a small, delicious smelling cafe. Hello, lovely afternoon.

AnonymouS Coffee

So the website is a little creepy, I promise the cafe is anything but. They even have a swing bench with comfy pillows tied by ropes to the ceiling. Oh, and they also have the best chi-latte. Ever. And their coffee is super instagram-able, with fancy swirls and artsy trays.

Don’t be sad, be plaid

Bonjour, mademoiselles! A post or two ago I promised to show you guys some of my Miami purchases. A few days ago it finally warmed up, and I took this as the perfect opportunity to show off these shorts. It’s a rather freeing feeling, I think, to be able to walk around free from the constricting bounds of skinny jeans (although I will credit Boyfriend Jeans for partially solving this pressing issue) and throw on that pair of shorts that has been eyeing you during the 60-degree-weather-streak.


I love preppy clothes. I just do. But I also have a fear of certain preppy clothes in the realm of white jean capris and pastel colored polo shirts. So in order to comfort myself, I decided to go the edgy-prep route. Whatever that is. So on came the black crop-top and platform shoes! I think it’s actually a cool take on math-tutor-goes-rocker-chick.
DSC00465 DSC00468
Of course, this being spring, it still got a bit chilly in the evenings. So I added this trench coat for a bit of warmth. But I think it adds a bit of stylish flare- I always appreciate cool street style, but when the outerwear is just as cool as the outfit itself, I think it’s a total win. But this coat in particular won my heart because it isn’t heavy. Many trench coats can weigh down an outfit with all the buttons and buckles. Mine does have both buttons and buckles, but it also has lot’s of little pleats in the back for added movement and fun.
These shorts! They are made of a soft cotton-y material that feels oh-so-soft. Being a small person (not gonna lie- notice the platform shoes coming to my rescue) finding high-waisted shorts that don’t go up to my ribcage is a bit of a challenge. But American Apparel has lot’s of clothes in tiny sizes, so these guys fit great. I think the plaid pattern is really fun and unique- these shorts have become fast favorites of mine.


{Top- Topshop. Shorts- American Apparel. Trench- Ralph Lauren.  Shoes- CoolWay}


Some Warm Weather Antics

For spring break I traveled to Miami, FL. It was my first time being back in the States since I moved, and let me tell you- I have never been more excited to see a Walgreens. Also- 80 (27-ish Celsius) degree weather!!! Woooo!!!! Also, sun! Honestly, the sun rarely visits the Czech winter. Definitely worth my sunburnt nose.

I ordered this shirt online from Brandy Melville, which is a rarity for me. I mean, ordering online is scary! What if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s itchy or the wrong shade of blue? Anyway, this was one of my first ever online shopping successes. I feel like a retro 60’s girl in it, in a sort of Tracy-from-hairspray way. It’s the perfect mix of sporty and chic.

When I was packing for this trip, I realized in a frenzy that I had very few shorts that fit me. I’m a growing girl! So I zipped over to Zara and picked these up- in the kids section! This was very exciting, because GUESS WHAT?? Zara kids totally fits teens. Or me + other people who strangers assume are 9 years old. Anywho, I thought these were pretty cute to be intended for 8 year olds. DSCN0606

And yes, I am goofing off with an American Apparel bag on my head. I got a little overly excited about a few pairs of funky high-waisted shorts; I’ll probably show them off to you guys soon!

I’d love to hear about what ya’ll did on spring break- feel free to comment 🙂

{Top- Brandy Melville. Shorts- Zara kids. Sunglasses- C&A. Boots- Dr. Martins. }

Winter-Spring transition outfit

Woo! Spring is coming! But…it’s still a bit (by a bit, I mean very) chilly. What to do? I’m here to the rescue! (Ooh look, I rhymed)

Fall- spring transition outfit

Anywho, I started this outfit because I wanted to wear this shirt. I hadn’t worn it because it’s thin and rather transparent, and was a bit too chilly for winter. But it gave off such a cute and cozy (if I do say so myself) vibe when I paired it with this skirt, I had to be a bit creative with my layering. So I put wooly knee socks over warm tights with a super soft cardigan. Talk about a win-win!




I think this would be really easy to recreate- just pick a palette for the season. I chose whites, grays, and browns because it’s a little winter-y, but I could totally see myself wearing the same shirt and sweater with a light blue skirt, or denim shorts. It really works year-round. Happy spring guys!


{Skirt- Brandy Melville. Socks- Topshop. Shirt- 2 hip. Cardigan- Esprit. Shoes- Target. }

Visiting Barrandov Movie Studios

I recently got a really cool chance to tour Barrandov Studios, and even watch a film that was being made and a television show being shot. It was such a cool experience to step behind the scenes, and it made me appreciate truly how much work goes into a production. But my personal favorite part of the trip was a special tour of the costume building. And when I say building, I mean building. It’s huge! There were walls and walls of beautiful hats, and racks of gorgeous gowns, shelves full of tiaras and tons, and I mean tons, of shoes. Talk about a fashionista’s dress up dream!

Hats, hats, and some more hats.

Hats, hats, and some more hats.

Did people really wear these things way back when?

Did people really wear these things way back when?

Mad Hatter

DSC00412 DSC00407
I love gray and black, purely because they are so versatile and an abundance of my favorite clothing item (sweaters) flaunt their  shades. But lately, maybe because it’s February and really gray and cold, I have been looking for a slightly sunnier option. Of course, it’s winter, so I can’t exactly go full-on yellow sundress, but this dress came to my rescue. It’s gray, but with flowers! Hooray! I added some cozy socks and a sweater for warmth, but a hat and lacy boots for a hint of the soon-to-be spring.


{Dress+Socks: Topshop. Sweater: Forever 21. Shoes: Target.}

It’s a tie game

Its a Bowtie Game

Bowties definitely deserve more credit than they are given.  They are so cute, quirky, stylish, and classy- all my favorite things rolled into one colorful package. I have them in several different colors- I can wear silver to a party, red to school, navy to a dinner party and so on. And here’s the best part- no need to learn how to tie one, mine are clip on!


{ Shoes- Camper. Skirt- Forever 21. }