plane outfit

Jet Set

We made it!! Hello, vacation 🙂 Ok. So winter break is 99.9% wonderful, but along with dry skin and hat head, looking gross after a long plane ride is a harsh reality. If you are a frequent flyer like myself, you know the kinda-icky-but-comfy outfit vs. gonna-look-cute-but-ugh struggle. No more! Palazzo Pants are to the rescue. DSCN0623DSCN0624

You can buy them in infinite patterns and fits, whatever fits your fancy (or destination!) They allow you to get the perfect “I didn’t try too hard but I look intentionally cool” sort of look- catch my drift? Mine are from Target, but I also have a pair that I love from The Elephant Pants, they’re super cute and for a good cause!

Extra Bonus: These pants not only work for long plane rides/road trips, but they’re ideal for throwing over a bathing suit as a cover up.

Happy Holidays!