Prague is an incredibly lovely place to visit. It is packed with historical sights, beautiful views, and lots to do. If you are planning a trip, I suggest the summer months or early fall, as it is sunnier- but winters here are very mild (this is coming from a Chicagoan, though).

Before you come, I suggest deciding how you plan to get around the city. The public transportation is really great. If you are hear for just a few days, you can get tram/metro tickets in a flash using this app. If you plan on staying a bit longer, it’s worth investing in an OpenCard, which gives you unlimited rides for a set amount of time. Either way, if you plan on taking public transportation, this app is a life saver. And if you just want to get around, this  app shows you places to go, and how to get there. Have fun!

There are lot’s of cool things to do when visiting Prague- here are some basics.

The Charles Bridge

The Lennon Wall

Old Town Square

The Castle Compound

If you want to check out some neat places other than just Prague tourist staples, check out my explorations page.

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